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Your Quiz Score: 0-50%

You are Not Ready to Quit Yet!

If your quiz score is 50% or less - it means you are not quite ready to quit now!

Our Kick-Butts Program can help you quit smoking if you are willing to work hard and build your motivation for giving up smoking!

Alternatively - we suggest that you book a few online Coaching Sessions to help get you in the right frame of mind to start the quit smoking journey!




Your Quiz Score: 51-100%

Yes! You Are Ready to Quit Smoking!

If your quiz score is 51% or more - it means that you areĀ  ready to quit smoking!

Join the Kick-Butts Program - it works because it is all about Your Quit Journey.

The program uses proven activities and tools to help you understand your own relationship with tobacco, and how to say good-bye to smoking for good!


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